Fierce protection of our woodlands and waterways will be my main priority as Supervisor. By leveraging aggressive riparian buffer standards, we will keep our rivers & creeks pristine. As for our woodlands, I would encourage restoration planting areas in certain open spaces, outside of typical sightlines, to counter the decline of Ash trees in our region. I will also work to establish programs to identify and eradicate invasive species found within West Pikeland. Ecological diversity has taken a massive hit over the past 20 years, we need to start taking action to heal our native species. Through these actions, and the participation of all West Pikelanders, we can preserve our township for years to come. 



As our climate continues to change we cannot turn a blind eye on how it impacts West Pikeland. These past few years have seen historic levels of power outages due to severe storms, leaving some of us without power for days at a time. We cannot expect these weather trends to ease. It is time we turn to alternative sources of power, rather than rely on PECO to bolster the resiliency of their lines. To lead the way, all township buildings will transition to solar power, sourced directly from panels installed on our buildings. Solar and battery technology will lessen our dependence on power providers. 

Infrastructure Improvements

The recent flooding from Hurricane Ida caused great damage across West Pikeland. We cannot dismiss this as a 'once in a century' occurrence. Heavy rain events are here to stay. It is time we reevaluate our township infrastructure to ensure our roads and waterways are properly prepared. I propose we request engineering assessments of our major waterways, bridges, and low-standing roads to determine our best options for mitigating  further damage when heavy rain events occur. Further erosion around our roads will only lead to higher repair costs down the line. 

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We have a golden opportunity to prepare our township for decades to come. By proactively addressing the township's needs, we can mitigate the costs considerably. The future will not come to us; we will come to the future.