About Bryan

Bryan is the Chairman of the West Pikeland Environmental Advisory Council, as well as Trustee of the Mill at Anselma. He and his wife, Megan, moved to West Pikeland with their dog Caita over two years ago. Since arriving, he has been a steadfast member of the community, immediately joining the EAC, volunteering at both Binky Lee Preserve & Anselma Mill, as well as serving as a poll worker during the previous general election. You may have also seen him assisting during the Shredding event hosted by the EAC last November.


Bryan will proactively pursue improving our township infrastructure and pristine waterways, while also leveraging grants to increase our renewable energy independence. An IT professional during the day, having earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Lehigh University, Bryan spends his free time rock climbing, trail walking, and fruitlessly attempting to make a dent in his Netflix queue. He is hopeful to earn your vote this fall, and work to further improve this great township we call home.