Locally based, long-term open space conservation plans help communities protect their environment, improve quality of life, and preserve critical elements of the local heritage, culture, and economy. As West Pikeland residents we must think about this critically and work hard to put conservation plans in place.  We cannot leave this work and hope that someone in the future will take on the challenge, nor should we just let conservation actions happen haphazardly.

We have the ability and need to create a well-managed open space program for West Pikeland that will protect our community's natural green infrastructure, maintain our parks and places for recreation, preserve the important environmental and ecological functions, and as a result enhance the quality of life today and for our future generations.  I am focused on collaborating with the Township Supervisors to prepare West Pikeland for the future. I will work tirelessly to work on all stakeholders to create plans that focus on sustainability and protect our natural resources.


The past and present leadership and community of West Pikeland have done an excellent job preserving the historic cornerstones of Township and while working together to create new parks that provide accretive value to our community. I will collaborate with the Township residents, Township Supervisors, Township committees and commissions and local business leaders to create a vision that implements creative placemaking using our anchors as the foundation. 


West Pikeland is stronger when decisions are made transparently and in partnership with all stakeholders. Our Township and residents deserve elected officials who seek and include their voice in developing policy that protects the municipality, and who promote neighborhood advocacy and involvement. Together, we will determine the best ways to activate HYS, Anselma Mill, Pine Creek Park and Walnut Lane Park in ways where we work together to program these anchors to create interest, spark activity and spur engagement within the community.

I want to give the residents of West Pikeland plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with their neighbors, police department, township supervisors and township employees and business owners.  With these guiding principles, I am focused on strengthening the bond within West Pikeland and I will work tirelessly to take us to a future where all families and neighborhoods are safe, healthy, and strong.